About AskMrMushroom.com


AskMrMushroom.com is a website that was inspired by about 15 years worth of effort to create a great website. As you can see here, this is a great website! It works well on all platforms including tablets and mobile devices. Here at AskMrMushroom.com we aim to give our readers the information they need on every topic they can imagine.

  • Yes, I'm new to blogging.
  • No, I'm not an inexperienced web designer.
  • Yes, I do live in a trailer with my mom! (XD)

I created this website to find a source of passive income. I've tried many different things to find a way to make money from the internet. I've tried forex, adsense campaigning, and web design. I am currently employed by Google as a webdeisgner and I still trade forex, but money isn't everything. I've read The Bible, Koran, and part of the Book of Mormon, and I suggest you do the same. Even the Hindu religion wouldn't be a waste of time. Ever since I started reading those books, I've always felt like someone was noticing me, like angels are watching! Don't believe me? Try it, and be honest with yourself as you question the idea. I promise you that our souls continue to exist after our bodies die...

Needless to say, I'm a very spiritual person, and a pretty decent web designer. Please enjoy your stay here at my website.